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Las Vegas

Las Vegas

From initial contact through the often painstaking process of trip planning to the moment I welcome you home, my clients have the benefit of my background and expertise to help shape the vacation of a lifetime.

Some of my favorite bookings come with difficult parameters or rise out of stressful circumstances, and I welcome the challenge.

One client had recently suffered the loss of her mother, and wanted to assuage the family's grief by taking them on cruise right around the Thanksgiving holiday. I coordinated a 5-day excursion that brought together three generations (the client, her children, and her grandchildren) on a cruise. Not only did they have an incredible time, they were able to shake the sadness and embrace the season, so much so that they're now considering making the cruise an annual Thanksgiving tradition.

Planning a vacation requires a lot of organization and attention to detail to ensure a smooth and stress-free getaway. 

Luckily, I specialize in creating trips that knit together each passenger's individual needs to create a cohesive itinerary everyone will enjoy.

I also assist organizations with themed travel, such as church groups who need assistance coordinating arrangements and gathering enough participants to book bulk accommodations and secure group discounts.

I help manage:

  • advertising, social media communication
  • event scheduling
  • coordinate meal seating
  • arrange accommodations, transfers
  • handling any additional excursions
  • communicating trip details to the group

I'm also a cruise specialist, and frequently book stays at all-inclusive and elite-level resorts in the Caribbean. One of my favorite destinations is Hawaii; Honolulu is a must-see spot, and no trip is complete without a visit to the incredible Polynesian Cultural Center.

Destination : Jamaica

Whether you're an infrequent traveler looking to plan a long-awaited getaway or a virtual nomad always searching for the next adventure, I would love to help you identify your ideal destination and make the arrangements that will help turn your travel dream into an exciting reality.

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More than just a vacation


A vacation can be the time you need to relax, catch up with your family, and unplug from the world.  


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